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Build a successful team

The strength of a team depends on various factors, like the focus on a shared goal, the willingness of each team member to cooperate and the proper division of tasks – the right person in the right place.

Nature shows us what successful teamwork looks like. Ants divide the workload, fish swim in schools, starlings fly in swarms and wolves cooperate in packs. None of these animals succeed on their own.

The same is true for humans. We know very well that we need each other to achieve our goals and live a happy life. We are members of our family, many of us play a sport in a team and we work in professional teams. We flourish in teams.

When analysing what successful teams have in common, the following five characteristics come to the surface:

  • Mutual trust between the team members.
  • Acceptance of conflicts and respectful discussions with a clear outcome.
  • Transparency of the goals and commitment to them.
  • Willingness to take responsibility and to confront team members who don't.
  • Increased clarity on target-orientation.

Kambaka Nature Team Coaching uses the power of nature to work with teams on these five topics. The results are amazing and lasting.


Kambaka is an official partner of Coaching Institute Living Sense

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What our clients say

  • After knowing Robin as a guide and coach for many years, I can say he is one of the most calm, knowledgable and approachable leaders I know. His ability to help you see the smaller details within a bigger picture is a real skill. I have learnt a huge amount from Robin and will continue to do so with each meeting.

    Joshua Millar, Founder & Creative Director

    The Mustering, UK