Tracking myself into the here and now

Posted on Mon May 2, 2022.

Little bones were scattered with small patches of mouse hair on the forest floor. As I went through the feeding tracks of the owl, I was suddenly aware that I was with all my senses in the here and now.

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Stork teamwork

Posted on Thu December 23, 2021.

A couple of weeks ago, I drove north of Zürich to visit a friend of mine. The traffic was busy, airplanes flew over my head, the weather was grey and misty. Not a day to see wonders of nature, one would say.

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Winter and Water

Posted on Sat December 18, 2021.

The time of autumnal harvesting is over, winter is here! This beautiful season is symbolized by the element water.

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The fir tree in the leaf forest

Posted on Mon September 27, 2021.

Hello, I am a tree, a fir tree in a leaf forest. How did that come about?

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Only a successful team can win

Posted on Tue July 13, 2021.

Teams are found in nature, in businesses and of course in sport. Football is probably the best-known and most-watched team sport, in any case in Europe. The success and failure of football teams show us the importance of teamwork.

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