Being in Fiji

Posted on Tue June 1, 2021.

Our blogs form part of a number of short stories where wilderness and nature experiences can be found. They can serve you to remind that observing wilderness restores you, coaches you and inspires you to create your world, day in and day out “nature” is coaching us.
 This blog is about the importance to find yourself and be active in the right environment where flow and providence move.

All great stories start with, there once was ... and, so does this one. There once was a farmer in Iceland and his dream was to build up a great farm full of mango trees, his favourite fruit. Now, that is easier said than done. Of course he needed to have the "right" type of mangos to grow and also the ones that he believed were the most delicious. He already saw himself standing between his trees and that vision and image made him smile and feel very happy. So he started immediately by doing the research and preparation. He found out that he had to do lots of investments: money, energy and time to fulfil his dream and make his vision come true. He could not stand the thought that when he would tell stories to his grandchildren that he never tried to make this one dream come true. So the farmer went on with his preparations.

He started with what a good garden should always start with: the soil. He brought in truck loads of more suitable soil for the mango trees and implemented a great watering system. He saw that the climate in Iceland was too cold and the air was too dry for most of the year to let the mangos grow. He therefore built a big greenhouse that he could heat and that always had the right moisture levels for the mango trees. When everything was done, the day came that he could finally plant his trees. What a great day! He carefully planted the first 100 mango trees in his greenhouse. During the next months he noticed that the mango trees needed more light and more and better quality soil as they grew slower than expected. He more put in more investments, energy and time in there to really let them thrive. Unfortunedly, the mango trees were still growing much slower than they did in other countries around the world where they normally grew. He was beginning to doubt his decision to grow them in Iceland and feared that it had all been a foolish dream.... It definitely costed him lots of worrying, energy and time to maintain the trees and keep them healthy. He didn't expect that when he had started the project. 
In the meantime the farmer had received from a friend of his in the Fiji-islands an invitation to come to these islands for a sunny summer vacation. This friend was a guava farmer who did very well with his plantation on the islands. The farmer from Iceland thought long and hard about the prospect of a vacation on Fiji and decided to go for four weeks to these beautiful palm-tree islands. He proudly brought with him a netted bag of his first mangos that were unfortunately still small and green. On arrival, the mango farmer put the mango bag on a table in a beautiful and lush garden. He went swimming and sailing on different places in Fiji with his friend. Two weeks later he suddenly remembered the bag of mangos and decided to show them to his friend. When he arrived at the garden table he found that all of the mangos had started to germinate and grow by themselves the first leaves and roots. The mango-farmer from Iceland was perplexed and stunned! Without any investment, time and energy spent, these fruits grew effortless and automatically by themselves on Fiji. The insight hit him as a thunderbolt. He suddenly realised that he had been busy realising his vision and dreams in the wrong environment. He had to change the element to realise his dreams since the best dreams come true naturally, easily and effortless. His dream and vision were important, but they were linked tightly to and depended on WHERE they were realised. 
This story gives us the insight that we not only have to take into account the content of the dreams and visions we want to create, but that we should also evalutate the environment that we are in. The main question is the following: do we fit in with the area, business world, organisation, team, group of friends, environment or other element and does this actively and fully support our dream or vision?
Did you experience in your life a time when everything/ or parts of your life went effortless and easy and your life was in a flow? What element, group, organisation area or environment were ypu in and what exactly determined that you were in that flow? Find out where your Fiji is and where you are maintaining Ice-landic greenhouses!