Dealing with criticism

Posted on Wed July 20, 2022.

Somehow, we have come to falsely believe that when we are criticized by our parents, friends, team members, or others around us, this criticism is about our Self, our Being as a person. We have mistakenly taken criticism personally.

However, constructive criticism is always aimed at supporting our actions, and can therefore never be an attack on our Being. Unfortunately, we do not make this crucial distinction and mistakenly believe that the received criticism is about our whole Being, our Self. We internalize this criticism and begin to doubt ourselves.
Unconstructive criticism is intended to harm us personally and says everything about the person who directs it at us. This form of criticism is often not received in an honest and open one-on-one conversation but in the form of emails or maybe social media messages. The sender acts out of his or her own fear and often therefore cannot face us personally.
Whatever might be, you can choose from now on to make this distinction and leave behind the idea that criticism is about you personally. The first question you should ask yourself in earnest is: is this constructive or unconstructive criticism?
Welcome constructive criticism into your life and treat it as an opportunity to grow from now on. You say; “Hey, here is a fellow human being who cares about me and is happy when I am doing better and grow further!”
Slowly but surely, as we grow into adulthood, we find that our Being is enough as it is right now. The fact is that as you stand or sit there now, you are whole, you are wonderful, and you are unlimited. You don't have to be anything else and you don't have to do anything to deserve love. You are simply whole and you are worth to be loved. Always and forever from now on!