The fir tree in the leaf forest

Posted on Mon September 27, 2021.

Hello, I am a tree, a fir tree in a leaf forest. How did that come about?

How should I know? Maybe a bird ate a seed and dropped it here in the leaf forest, maybe a hairy dog carried me away, maybe it was the wind. Whatever, I found my place here and started to grow. Small, a little taller, I wanted to be high, always have, I wanted towards the light, away from the shade of the leafy trees. I felt different from the other trees, they lost their leaves in autumn, I always stayed green. But being different also has its advantages. In spring I found my chance: the leafy trees didn't have leaves yet, I saw the sun, the light, clear and distinct, I grew, faster and faster. But then summer came and it got dark for me. And so it went on year after year.

Now you ask, did I make it, did I grow taller than the leafy trees? My answer is: does it really matter who is the tallest? I have a goal in my life, I have a new chance every year, I can always look forward to it, I am an alien tree in the forest, I have learned to accept that and be happy with what I have, with who I am. Does that mean that I am the highest tree? I don't have an answer to that either, you should ask the leafy trees. The most beautiful thing I have learned is that it is not necessary to compare myself with other trees, that my own goal is my own life.

I am a happy fir tree in a leafy forest.