The powerful team

Posted on Wed December 7, 2022.

In nature, we find teams and great team-work all over the place. Take a short moment to find some examples. What do you think of: ant armies, a flock of birds, a school of sardines, deer herds, dolphin pods, forest trees, bison herds, hyena clans and wild dog packs etc.

Cooperation not only strengthens the success of hunting, but also the chance of escaping when being hunt, and thus the chance of surviving. Cooperation creates woods, fields of flowers, grasslands. Nature knows, instinctively.
For us humans, teamwork is important as well: we can achieve more, become more creative and have more fun when working in a team. But unlike teams in nature, we find ourselves organised in random teams. In our work, in our sport, in our voluntary work. In most cases, we don’t know the people with whom we work that well. We sometimes even work in different teams at the same time. So how are we supposed to know how to optimally function in each of these teams?

Most of the rules for effective teamwork are well-known. The team members should trust each other, listen to each other, treat each other with respect. Theory is wonderful, but a team consists of people, with different backgrounds, different characters, different wishes, and different expectations. It’s difficult to know all these things about ourselves, let alone about others.
And that’s where team coaching comes in. Team coaching can help team members to get to know the other team members, to strengthen trust in each other, to give each team member the self-confidence to bring his or her opinion forward. This will boost the trust, creativity and productivity in the team.
Where can we find the best examples of how to work and cooperate successfully as a team? In nature, clearly. Nature cooperates naturally. So let’s go into nature and develop our teamworking skills.

Kambaka Nature Team Coaching supports teams in this process. And the best thing is: it is light, it is easy, since it is natural.

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