Our expertise is to guide teams in becoming better and more successful. To achieve these goals, we have formulated four spearheads: teambuilding, leadership, change management and wellbeing at the workplace.


Connecting remote working teams

The expectation of both employers and employees is that working in home office will remain, even after the corona pandemic. We compensate for this physical distance by guiding teams in actively maintaining and strengthening the connection between team members. We provide practical tools so that team members stay connected with each other, not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. 

Restoring connection after the pandemic  

We offer a fresh start. The isolation of the home office has blurred the coherence of departments and teams. The composition of many teams has changed during the corona pandemic, new employees have joined, others have left. We guide teams in restoring the connection and ensure anchoring of the results. 


Nature teaches us how to lead by working together and inspires us to reflect on the leaders we want to be. We let managers feel and experience how leadership works in nature. This gives a new perspective on one's own role within the organization, which results in a more effective way of leading, driven by authenticity.

Change management

In a constantly changing world, organizations must be agile. Nature provides the example, nature never stands still, is permanently in a state of change and offers us a mirror what agility can mean. Our goal is to get employees to see change as an opportunity. From this insight, we strengthen the innovative and self-solving capacity of the team.

Wellbeing at the workplace

Wellbeing at the workplace should be a daily concern of all of us. We offer companies and organizations a valuable addition to their wellbeing programs. We use nature interventions to improve employee wellbeing and reduce stress, burnout and other work-related complaints. The result is a significant decrease of absenteeism.

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