Power of nature

Nature plays a central role in our approach. We are convinced – and this conviction is supported by research – that team coaching in nature is more powerful and lasting than the same coaching in a seminar room.


Our vision is to involve the power of nature to strengthen and accelerate the process of team building and to anchor the results we have achieved with the team.


Our mission is to support and guide people in finding and maintaining balance in their lives by connecting with nature, with themselves and with others.

Outdoor coaching

A natural environment has a positive effect on our wellbeing. In nature, we feel happier, livelier and more creative. Being in nature heals and reduces pain and stress, improves our memory, and makes us feel more connected with ourselves and the people around us.  
Most people know this intuitively and seek refuge in a natural environment when they feel stressed or depressed: they go outside, to a park, a wood, a river. Outdoor they can calm down, recover and recharge their batteries. This is the energy which we use in our work. 

The idea of connecting coaching with the natural world is supported by an abundance of literature on the beneficial effects of nature on our well-being. Research shows that the environment we find ourselves in profoundly influences the functioning of our bodies. What we see, hear and experience changes our mood and affects our nervous-, endocrine-, and immune systems. Nature has an abundance of good for us in store.